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Organic Care - Brazilian Straithening Keratin - One Step - Protein Smooth - 750ml / 25.3 fl oz

How to Apply Brazilian Keratin without formaldehyde Organic Care

  • STEP 1 - First apply the product on dry hair.

  • STEP 2 - Let it act for approximately 50 minutes;

  • STEP 3 - Now, rinse the hair completely and dry it completely with a blow dryer.

  • STEP 4 - Divide hair into 4 pieces for flat ironing. Apply the board in thin strands with an average temperature of 200° until you notice that the cuticles are sealed;

  • STEP 5 - Have fun with your wonderful hair.

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Organic Care Hair Straightening

The Organic Care Smoot Protein promotes effective straightening while moisturizing and nourishing the hair. Controls hair volume, eliminating frizz, offering a smooth and disciplined effect, in addition to thermal protection and more hydrated ends, provides a long-term straightening result, without damaging and damaging the strands, with total safety, 100% formaldehyde-free.

**Attention, there are chemicals that are incompatible with the Organic Care Protein Smooth, mainly smoothing agents such as guanidine, Henne, ammonia, lead, sodium hydroxide and other Thioglycolates.**

Suggested use:

1 - Wash Your hair With a common shampoo, wash and dry.

2 - Use Organic Care Protein Smooth, let it act for 40 minutes (fragile, blond, or straight hair) and 60 minutes (frizzer and more resistant hair);

3 - Remove excess product only

4 - Dry your hair with a Dryer and use the hair straightener strand by strand thin throughout the length of your hair of 5/10x

5 - Now you have hair for 12 weeks* without the frizz. 

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