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Organic Care - Brazilian Straithening Keratin - One Step - Protein Smooth - 250ml / 8.5 fl oz


The touch test and the hair lock test are names given to procedures performed before applying chemicals to the hair. They are used to assess whether the recipient of the product has any type of allergy or sensitivity, and to assess whether the threads are resistant to the procedure that will be performed on all hair.


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Organic Care Hair Straightening

The Organic Care Smoot Protein promotes effective straightening while moisturizing and nourishing the hair. Controls hair volume, eliminating frizz, offering a smooth and disciplined effect, in addition to thermal protection and more hydrated ends, provides a long-term straightening result, without damaging and damaging the strands, with total safety, 100% formaldehyde-free.

**Attention, there are chemicals that are incompatible with the Organic Care Protein Smooth, mainly smoothing agents such as guanidine, Henne, ammonia, lead, sodium hydroxide and other Thioglycolates.**

Suggested use:

1 - Wash Your hair With a common shampoo, wash and dry.

2 - Use Organic Care Protein Smooth, let it act for 40 minutes (fragile, blond, or straight hair) and 60 minutes (frizzer and more resistant hair);

3 - Remove excess product only

4 - Dry your hair with a Dryer and use the hair straightener strand by strand thin throughout the length of your hair of 5/10x

5 - Now you have hair for 12 weeks* without the frizz. 

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